You’ve already heard me mention how hard it is to name things… Well, “Timegraveler” is the project name I came up with for a project I started probably a year and a half ago, though coincidentally the latest iteration’s first commit was exactly one year ago today.

The concept for this app actually goes much farther back to a darker time in my programming career when I was writing some home grown PHP business apps. One of which was a system employees could use to track their time.

Typical time systems have some kind of entry form where you pick out a project and enter a number of hours, and mine was no different, at least at first. I have always hated retroactively entering my time and you don’t really know when you start something how long you are going to work on it, making it hard to proactively enter your time.

So I started to evolve my app to a different approach, based on the simple concept that you are always doing something, and time is always marching forward. Rather than entering a project and a duration, I started entering the start time of when I would work on something, and then when I moved to another task, I entered the start time for that task.

My vision of time tracking has now become logging a series of events, and as time moves forward I continue to log events.

Starting in 2018 I made it a goal to track ALL of my time in this manner, using Timegraveler I now log everything in as much detail as I can stand, my goal is to better analyze how I spend my time and see where I could make changes to improve the quality of my life.

You can find the app on my gitlab page: https://gitlab.com/slim-bean/timegraveler

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